As our most-valued brand ambassadors, Eleven Eleven takes great care in providing exceptional service to our Club 11:11 members by delivering a unique “Make Your Moment” experience with each shipment.   As a member, you will receive automatic shipments of Eleven Eleven wines three (3) times per year (February, May and October), priority access to limited-production wines, and many other exclusive benefits.  

To retain the benefits of your Club 11:11 membership, we require a one-year minimum commitment (equal to 3 shipments) from the date of club sign up.  Your membership will continue until canceled.  While we hope that you never have cause to cancel your membership, you may do so after your minimum commitment has been fulfilled by contacting us at (707) 224–2211.  If you cancel your membership prior to fulfilling your minimum commitment, we will reverse membership discounts received by you on all purchases, including waived Experience (tasting) Fees.  Cancellations must be received at least five (5) business days before your club shipment is processed to avoid being charged.  Shipments processed prior to cancellation are nonrefundable, even if not yet received.  You will receive a confirmation email once your membership has been canceled. Once the membership is canceled, the shipments and benefits will end.