Ellie Anest
December 27, 2023 | Ellie Anest

Celebrating Excellence and Reflecting on Milestones



As we bid farewell to another remarkable year at Eleven Eleven Wines, I find myself filled with immense gratitude and reflecting on the defining moments, exciting ventures, and exceptional wines that made 2023 truly shine. Anchored by the unwavering dedication of our team and loyal support of our customers, this year has been a testament to growth, creativity, and heartfelt connections with our cherished community.


HARVESTING INSPIRATION: Vineyard Triumphs Amongst Challenges



Amidst our vineyards, 2023 blessed us with grapes of exceptional quality, reflecting their terroir’s true essence. While the extended harvest season brought its own unique challenges, our diligent winemaking team patiently worked with the new opportunities presented to us.

Under the seasoned guidance of Winemaker Kirk Venge and the inspiring leadership of Director of Winemaking Brett Weis, we saw yet another successful harvest promising an enticing array of diverse wines, waiting to be unveiled and savored.


OUR LOVE FOR CABERNET: Unveiling ENAXI and The Cabernet Club


Speaking of which, this year additionally brought us the exciting unveiling of our newest addition to the Eleven Eleven portfolio: the 2019 ENAXI Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Nine years in the making, our inaugural reserve wine epitomized elegance and refinement, a testament to the culmination of our winemaking artistry.

“With eyes open wide and ‘whoa's’ in our throats, ENAXI is simply an outrageous wine that boasts a rich profile of aroma, flavor, intensity, and depth, with a gorgeous 3-minute finish!” – Winemaker Kirk Venge

A big year for Cabernet, we also joyously launched our exclusive Cabernet Club. Members were treated to early access to ENAXI, along with personalized offerings, marking our commitment to curating extraordinary moments.

ELEVEN YEARS OF EXCELLENCE: Launching The Make Your Moment Tour


An unforgettable highlight of this year was the commemoration of our 11th anniversary and celebratory Make Your Moment Tour. Launching an immersive journey that extended an invitation not only to our esteemed guests but also to our dedicated club members, the Make Your Moment Tour allowed our community across the country to experience our Napa Valley wines in the comfort of their home cities.

Adding to this, our newest We11ness Experience, amidst the tranquil ambiance of our Red Barn space and nestled amongst the vineyards, provided a serene haven to wine country locals and visitors. Here, our guests immersed themselves in nature, mindfulness, and the harmonious blend of wine and well-being.

AN INCREDIBLE TEAM: Honoring the Heart of Eleven Eleven Winery


Behind every achievement and momentous milestone, stands our remarkable team at Eleven Eleven Winery. Their unwavering devotion, passion, and expertise have been the cornerstone of our success. I’m fortunate to lead this team that continues to exemplify excellence in every aspect, infusing ingenuity and enthusiasm for crafting exceptional wines and fostering genuine connections.



Throughout the year, our commitment to sustainability and innovation remained integral, with vineyard practices and eco-conscious initiatives reinforcing our goals of preserving the environment while crafting wines of unparalleled quality. As we celebrate our 11th year of winemaking, Eleven Eleven Winery would like to take a moment to express our profound gratitude to those who have played an essential role in our journey. 

To our patrons, partners, and community, we extend heartfelt thanks – recognizing your unwavering support that not only fuels our passion for excellence but also serves as the inspiration propelling us to greater heights. Your enduring enthusiasm remains a constant driving force behind our mission to continually elevate our craft and exceed expectations.

CHEERS TO 2024: Exciting Things Ahead


Looking ahead to the promise of 2024, Eleven Eleven remains resolute in our commitment to producing extraordinary wines and fostering connections fueled by warm hospitality and unique experiences. Guided by the ethos of Parea, celebrating friendship, joy, and shared experiences, we eagerly anticipate creating more unforgettable moments. Our love for nurturing a community where each glass of our wine sparks cherished connections and meaningful conversations remains steady.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Ellie Anest & The Remarkable Eleven Eleven Team




This year, we had the pleasure of being featured in several noteworthy press articles that celebrated the craftsmanship and passion that go into each bottle of Eleven Eleven Wine. From seasonal features on our wines to in-depth highlights of our founding story, these accolades are a testament to the dedication of our team and the love poured into every endeavor. Head to our Press Page and check them out!


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